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06 May 2007 @ 02:01 pm
My recent trip to the USA  

So I won't forget it all, here's a short breakdown of my trip to NYC, Philadelphia and Mystic Connecticut.

The pictures from my trip is in the New York City (yes I know it's a little misleading) on my website here.

Friday April the 13th 
This was the day of my trip. I left home at 9.00 am local time, and were in Newark, New Jersey at around 3.00 pm local time (12 hours later. A couple of hours later I had checked into my hotel in the Wall Street area, and ventured out to find the subway so I could go and visit The Museum of the Moving Image. It wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, so I'm pleased that it was free to get into Friday afternoon. After the visit I went back to my hotel, and I did manage to find it after getting a bit lost exciting the subway station (generally the signs wasn't to good on the subway station I thought. They are better in London). After having moved to another room (the people living in the room next to mine had a very onioning barking dog, I went to bed not to late, being rather tired.

Saturday I got up way early, and walked around in the area a bit, searching for breakfast. Finally I found a Dunkin Donut, so I could get my favorite low fat blueberry muffin. I headed back to the hotel, and enjoyed the muffin in my room with a couple of cups of hot tea, before I got a text message from my friends that they were there in about 15 minutes. So I headed down to the lobby so I were ready when they arrived.

After they had picked me up, we headed off to park close to the Rockefeller Center, where we would be doing the Top of the Rock. I must say that I thought it was way cool to stand on the 70th floor and have a unrestricted view over the city. On my picture site there are a couple of short videos from there, and also a picture of me next to the Empire State Building. I hope to have more pictures up from there soon.

Once we were done there, we headed back to the car, after a stop at a big Catholic cathedral and the Disney store. After lunch we headed to New Jersey and parked at the Circle Line ferry terminal at the Liberty State Park, where there also are a big renovated Train Terminal, which is very cool. From there we headed to Ellis Island to tour it, and I must say I thought that it was very interesting to learn the history about it.

After concluding the visit there, we headed to Philadelphia, where we would spend the rest of the weekend.

Sunday we went downtown Philly and toured Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell Center. It was very interesting to hear about the history again, and especially interesting to learn more about what The Liberty Bell have been used as symbol for, among others for womens liberation and the freedom of the slaves.

It was raining very much during our visit to Philly, so after having had lunch we found our hotel, and checked in. After resting a bit and getting into dry clothes we went to catch a movie (The Shooter) which I liked. After the movie we went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, and as always I really liked the food I got there. It's one of the places I try to go and eat each time I visit the states.

After a night in a very nice hotel, we headed back to New York. On the way there we stopped at a Boarders book shop, and I picked up a few DVDs and books, spending a good amount of money as always, oops :-o! My friends dropped me off at my hotel across the street from Madison Square Gardens, in the middle of Manhattan. The hotel had a good location, but it was a bit run down in parts of it. But it was mainly a place to stay. I did get unlucky and caught a cold that started Monday, so I didn't get to see as much as I wanted of NYC due to lack of energy.

After I had checked in, I headed out for a walk on Manhattan, and I walked from Madison Square Garden uptown to Times Square on 9th Avenue, and back down along Broadway. It was a very nice walk, and interesting to see how big the city is from one block to another.

Tuesday I went to Madame Tussuad's. It was an OK place to visit, but to be honest it was to expensive, even with the $6.00 discount I got with a coupon. After Tussuad's I took a walk to the location of the Intrepid Museum. I had read on the website that it was closed, but I thought I would take the walk anyway, in case I had recalled wrong. But I wasn't wrong and it was closed, but I got a nice walk out of it, and saw more off New York.

After a walk back to the hotel for a rest, and spending a bit of time in a café, using their free wireless internet, and having dinner I went to China Town in the evening to walk around a bit. It was interesting to see how Little Italy and China town some place were just across the street from each other.

On my last full day in NYC I went to the World Trade Center site to walk around it, and see what it looked like. The most touching part of it was the Art for Heart  I came across. After my visit there, I went to the half price ticket shop, to see which shows they had tickets for that evening. I had decided that I wanted to go and watch Chicago, since I had seen earlier in the week that they had tickets for that, but of course they didn't have any that day. So after standing in a very very long, but surprisingly very fast moving, line for ½  and hour I got a ticket for a rather new show titled The Pirate Queen. The service that the half price ticket shop provides are great, and it's nice to that you don't pay more than around $60 for a ticket to a show, when you have seen at the theater that the seat you sit in cost $112 at the box office! I ended with a seat in the middle of the front row, and even though it was close, it could see and follow it all. And I also thought that it was a great show. I had a bit of knowledge of it from watching part of a program on Discovery about the main character.

Before I left the hotel. I jumped on the subway to Central Park, where I walked around and enjoyed the day and the nice but just a bit chilly weather. 

After I checked out from the room, I had lunch at the hotel, and the I jumped the train from the train station below Madison Square Gardens to the airport. It was fun to get to ride a train in the US, since I had never done that before.

At the airport I picked up the car I had rented, and was off for Mystic. It wasn't to bad a drive to get there, even though it was a bit interesting to drive in the traffic across Manhattan going there. You really had to be on your toes, since the traffic is very dense, and it seems like people drive closer to each other than we do in Denmark. But I got to my destination without any problems.

After having gotten settled in the room, I went downtown Mystic to find a place to grab something to eat. I ended up at Mystic Pizza, and after getting lost on the way back to the hotel, I enjoyed a very good pizza in my room.

My friends came and picked me up at the hotel, and we headed to the Mystic Aquarium. I enjoyed seeing it, even though I sometimes felt a bit sorry for some of the animals they had there. 

After our visit to the aquarium we headed off for a bit of sightseeing in the area and a visit to Stonington vineyard. It was interesting to find out more about how wine are made these days, and also a big surprise that 95% of the wine made at this vineyard.

In the evening we went to the Foxwoods Casino. I've never been to this big a casino before, so it would be interesting to see one. I have to admit that I'm not much of a gambler, so I don't really loose my head when I gamble. So it was more interesting to visit the place to people watch.

After getting back from the casino, where we had dinner, my friends husband went to bed (he was also hit by the cold) and her and I went to get a beer at a close by restaurant/bar. I think that many of the American breweries have started to brew some very good beer by now, compared to a few years back. So I enjoy testing the different new beers that are getting out in the US.

On my last full day in the US, we went downtown Mystic to walk around and enjoy the great weather there. After that we went to Olde Mistick Village to see the shops there.

My friends left in the middle of the afternoon, and after having relaxed a bit in the hotel, I headed out in the blue myself. On this trip I happen to come across the Stonington Cemetery just by chance, and also the Stonington Borough. I've found out that you often find some interesting places when you just goes out in the blue.

The evening brought me back to Mystic Pizza for dinner, where I had a nice chat with a local guy, while I enjoyed my Pizza.

Yet another day of travel, this time my last one for this trip. On my way back to Newark Airport I managed to find a big mall with yet another Boarders bookshop, where I could spend a good part of the money I had left on more books and DVDs ;).

The trip back to Denmark was rather uneventful, except that we got out of Newark a bit late, which meant that there wasn't enough time in Copenhagen for my suitcase to get on my plane from Copenhagen to Aalborg. But I didn't mind at all, because it meant I didn't have to carry my heavy suitcase up to the 4th floor!

So this is the short tale about my trip. If you have questions, feel free to ask them, and I'll try to answer them. And I hope to have more pictures up soon!!